Fraser Tillyard

Working out one’s beliefs

Fraser Tillyard Ltd. is an ecclesiastical specialist building contractor, we employ as many exoffenders as is practical which can be a high as 90%.
Our first major project was the redecoration of the portico at St Mary’s, Battersea in 2012. We achieved press coverage in The Church Times and EASA Journal.
Off the back of this, the Diocese of Southwark invited us to tender for 7 projects during 2013  with 15 projects this year which will hopefully result in a 300% increase in activity for 2014.
Additionally we hope to start work for London and Canterbury Diocese during 2014.
In January 2014 Jonathan Aitken championed our work. His comments are available at:

This is terrific news for St Mary’s and an exciting time for social justice.
Tom Tillyard