Food Bank

Emma reminds of the need to give as often as possible to our Food Bank collection.

The food banks are there for those in desperate need. It might be any of us!
They are for people who have fallen on rock bottom in what ever way. They are sent via their doctor, the police or their social worker. They could have simply filled out a form in the wrong way and so money will arrive too late. We all make mistakes: we are only human.
Here is a list of what foods are wanted most of all.
What is needed Food Bank

What is needed Food Bank

I would encourage everyone to give every week. People in our community are in need every week. Make a note in your shopping list to remember the food bank.
Each time you come to church please remember those who need our help. The collection point is at the back.
Give as generously as Jesus would give to those in need.
Thank you
Emma Belak