Flowers in Church

Do you enjoy seeing the flower arrangements in church? Please do think about joining us!



Do you enjoy seeing the flower arrangements in church?  And what about the decorated tree and the garlands round the gallery at Christmas?  Do you ever wonder how they get there?  Their appearance may seem like a miracle but believe me, it isn’t; it is the work of neither angels nor fairies, but rather of a dedicated team (plus one strong extra who wrestles with the Christmas tree every year).

Over the past year or so very sadly we have lost one or two members from the Flower Group: Emma Belak was a valued member, as was Joan Brittain.  Some members of the team are beginning to think about standing down, particularly from the more physically demanding aspects of the job, such as at Christmas; the garlands are not light and they have to be moved around the church.  We are in need of new members if we are to move on seamlessly through the coming years.  It is not a particularly time consuming commitment, and of course the more members there are, the less demanding it becomes.  Experience is not necessary – just an enjoyment of flowers and the desire to show them off to their best advantage, although of course there is help at hand should you want it.


We aim to do a new flower arrangement every week, except during Lent, Advent and August.  Each member takes a turn about four or five times a year, and this involves buying and arranging flowers for one, or sometimes two, pedestals; any money spent is refunded on request.  Some members choose to work in pairs – new members may like to do so to begin with in order to learn the ropes.  At Christmas and Easter several members work together, and also when it comes to tying posies for Mothering Sunday.


We have two meetings a year, when we arrange the rota and discuss matters arising. We have also established a tradition of having a fundraising stall sometime before Easter and before Christmas; this consists of homemade goods, usually edible, produced by members of the team and anyone else we can rope in!


Please do think about joining us – and if you are interested please contact Sarah Bryant on 0208 870 7167.