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    The 2016 Forgive them Father Good Friday workshop was a great success. The children had a variety of opportunities to explore the meaning of forgiveness through the painting of the banner, making hot cross buns, participating in a movement piece based on the betrayal of Jesus by Judas and of course Worship where we explored the depth of forgiveness shown by Jesus who despite having people beat him, spit at him and hurling insults, his response to that was ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing’. Something we can all learn from when people are getting on our nerves or hurting us, instead of getting angry or upset let us challenge ourselves like Jesus in the midst of it all to ask our heavenly Father to forgive them. Our Worship time was wonderful engaging with God in prayer and song. We had a good practice before Worship of the songs so the children sang with confidence in Worship.
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The banner now up as the altar frontal gives a focal point on forgiveness that we can reflect on, with the dove in the centre; a symbol of the peace that comes with forgiveness:
Altar Frontal 2016
The preparation of the banner led by Felicity Prazak allowed each of the children to paint sections of the banner giving chance for them to reflect on the words they were painting.
children painting altar frontal 1
The making of hot cross buns gave a creative and tasty way to remind us of the cross and on that cross Jesus gave his life the ultimate act of love for God to forgive us. Debbie Apostolides led the children in this baking exercise.
children making buns
‘Forgive them Father for they know not what they do’; a song by Lauryn Hill made for a great track to explore the betrayal of Jesus by Judas. The children took on different parts playing Jesus, Judas, the other disciples, High Priest and soldiers. A rare opportunity to become a character in Jesus’ time allows us to think about what it might have meant to be present then. Belinda Mother of Reiss, Savannah & Sienna did a sterling job mucking in as one of the disciples helping the children to remember what to do. The great applause from the Easter Sunday congregation confirms that the message was well delivered and understood. Praise God!
Calling volunteers
I appeal once again to members of St Mary’s to join us for our Monday morning babies and toddlers stay and play group. We meet at Dimson lodge every Monday 09.30am-11.30am during school term time. We need volunteers to come along and help in areas that they enjoy. We set up at 9am, so if you enjoy organising spaces and moving things around, then join us in setting up or clearing away at 11.30am. Perhaps you like talking to people and socialising, then join us in greeting and mixing with our users. Making teas and coffees, preparing the fruit for after singing for the children are all very sociable activities that we need help with.   Do you enjoy singing? You may enjoy leading music time, singing popular well loved nursery rhymes and children songs.
Reflect and pray on your mission as a member of St Mary’s and if you find that part of your mission involves our stay and play, do get in touch with me.
Britain does Variety
Some of you may know that I love to sing and I am continuing to work on my Gospel album writing and recording songs of Praise to God. I have a life coach who helps me aim to be the best me. Over the last few weeks Kai Hock Quek, my coach has been encouraging me to enter competitions with my songs, so I recently auditioned for Britain does variety and was put through to the regional final. This will be on Sunday 8th May at 7pm. Doors open at 6.40pm at the Beck theatre, Grange road, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 2UE. Tickets are £10, available through me and I would love to see a good group from St Mary’s in the audience. It looks like it will be a great show, so if you like this sort of thing do get in touch and you’ll get to see me perform ‘Let’s Celebrate’ live at the Beck theatre and other great acts of entertainment.

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