Everyone Campaign

Everyone is our annual renewal of financial giving at St Mary’s

Everyone 2014-15

Everyone is our annual renewal of financial giving at St Mary’s and many of you will have collected your packs from church and will be giving proper consideration to our financial needs and your response. Please do collect your pack as soon as possible: one way we can save a bit of cash is by not having to post them out.

There is no need to repeat what is in the pack, but here are just a few things to ask you to bear in mind:

·         Please return your pledge card on, or around, Sunday 16th November. The pledge card is your tangible way of committing to being part of Everyone. The figure which should be written on the pledge card is the total amount you are planning to give in the coming year, not the amount of your increase or decrease.

·         Even if you’re not planning to change your giving, please return the completed pledge card. It’s your way of saying “I’m in.”

·         St Mary’s has an average monthly income of about £12,000 (of which about £6,500 is congregational giving and tax rebates). The church has average monthly outgoings of about £18,500. We have a hole that needs to be plugged…and urgently.

·         We could get to a much more stable financial situation if everyone who was in employment at St Mary’s increased their weekly giving by the price of a modest bottle of wine. You could do St Mary’s and your liver some good at one and the same time!

·          If you’re new to the church, or only an occasional worshipper, please consider being part of Everyone. Because we have a high mobility of people in Battersea, people often join St Mary’s and never get round to becoming givers. Your contribution really is valued and important. Please contact the Parish Office ([email protected]) to get an Everyone Pack.