Everyone 2017 is coming!

Here key dates for your diary for this year’s campaign

As we head into Autumn, our attention starts to turn to our annual Everyone campaign – the one time of year when we are asked to reflect upon how we can each individually financially support God’s work here at St Mary’s

Talking about money isn’t natural in our culture; however, we’re getting there at St Mary’s. Everyone is becoming a natural part of our life together, an annual chance to look at our needs and priorities, to think about how our own experience of God’s generosity, to reflect on our own financial situation, and to make a generous, realistic financial pledge to your church.

Our theme this year is Everyone’s a Giver. You might remember that last year the PCC committed to minimise unnecessary expenditure and to keep costs constantly under review, which is something that we have been doing successfully. We now run a breakeven budget, which is only possible through the support of everyone, no matter how big or small their contribution.

What this does not yet allow us to do is invest in developing our priorities found in our Mission Action Plan. However, I am confident that with everyone contributing, we take strong steps together in continuing to enable God’s work at St Marys.

More information will follow later in the month but for now here key dates for your diary for this year’s campaign:

  • 23th October – Everyone’s a Giver Brochure published
  • 20th November – Pledge Sunday
  • December/ January 2017 – reminders and total announced in Feb 2017


Matthew Guest