Editor’s Notes

An introduction from the new Editor, Emrys Lloyd-Roberts

This is my first month as editor of St. Mary’s Newsletter. This is also the first month that
the newsletter is available electronically. I am eager to publish a newsletter that reflects who St. Mary’s is. I specifically say “who” as I firmly believe that a church consists of the
members (and friends) of the congregation. As you may know, I only joined the
congregation in February this year, so I am also learning who St. Mary’s is.

I hope that all aspects of this wonderful church will be voiced in the newsletter. Not all at
once, of course, but over time, so that we can savour the special delight that is St.
Mary’s Battersea.

I welcome articles from anyone who wants to submit one. Naturally, I will consult with
‘the powers that be’ and retain the right to make editorial decisions, but by and large, the
attitude will be to give a voice to all who genuinely wish to contribute to this newsletter
to make it as representative of the church as possible.

I have already approached many of you for articles and I trust that, as you see your way
clear, (work, children, other priorities permitting) you will enrich this newsletter with what
you want to say.

Looking forward to working together,

Praise God!

Emrys Lloyd-Roberts