Editor’s Notes

Thoughts on Easter

The main event in April this year had to be Easter, including Holy Week. I have lived for many years in a society that is secular, so I was pleasantly surprised by the events in society here during that period.
My grandchildren had an Easter Break from school, not the Spring Break I have become used to. The building site opposite to where I live had Good Friday and Easter Monday holidays (holy days) and we had peace and quiet. In the supermarkets I was able to buy hot cross buns, reminding me of Jesus’s suffering on the cross at Calvary, as well as being delicious!
On Palm Sunday, some of us processed from Battersea Bridge to the church singing ‘Make way for the King of Kings!’ We freely waved palm crosses to emphasize that we were Christians celebrating an important day in our religious calendar.
I firmly believe that we need to know who we are before we can begin to appreciate who other people are. By being positive about my being Christian, I am not a threat to anyone of a different religion. I am not being prejudiced against another religion or negative about other religions, I am just saying that this is what I believe and how I express my beliefs. If I am free to express myself I can allow others to be free to express themselves.
I think that may, in some small way, relate to the concept of loving my neighbour as myself. And at Easter, Christians are celebrating God’s love for all neighbourhoods.
Praise God!
Emrys Lloyd-Roberts
There is a debate currently as to whether Britain is still a Christian country or not. I
would be grateful for any views readers may have on this topic.
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