Editor’s notes

Editor’s notes for April

Editor’s Notes
One Sunday in March the choir sang a beautiful anthem by Stainer. The words really
spoke to me, “God so loved the world”. Although the words were from John 3:16-17, the
anthem kept repeating “God so loved the world” so that the congregation could not
avoid the truth that God loves us.
I am often struck by how blessed we are in having an excellent choir and music director.
The choice of music is an important element in our worship. Our choir is an inspiration
in the way they evoke atmosphere, deliver content and fill our church with beauty.
That anthem stayed with me for a long time, reminding me of God’s love, not just for
me, but for the world.
When I consider, ‘the world’ I have to remember it includes far
more than me, far more than people who think or act like me, or look like me, or are
from my part of the world. No one – not those with whom I disagree, not those for whom
I feel little love or compassion, not those whose actions I can not support, not those
whose religion or ideology vastly differs from mine – is excluded.
What a God to love such a different mix of people! If I start to think God just loves me
and my friends then all I have to do is to remember the words of that anthem and realise
that no one is excluded from God’s love. That’s radical love, and if I am to be a child of
God then that’s the love I should have.
Thank you Tyrone and the choir for reminding me in gloriously sung music that God so
loved the world that he gave his only begotten son for all of us.
Praise God!
Emrys Lloyd-Roberts
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