Editors Notes

Emrys provides his editorial for March.

Editor’s Notes
During February, I had the privilege of reading from the Book of Genesis during the  morning service. It is a passage that has become embroiled with controversy. However,  what struck me was the repetition of the sentence, “And God saw that it was good.” It is so easy to miss the positive and to concentrate on dissention.
What could be better than to think of the earth and all that is in nature in a beneficial
light? If we consider our physical world as ‘good’, something worth preserving and valuing then our attitude towards all aspects of conservation will be enhanced. If we think of all people as ‘good’, each one important, special and worthwhile, then our attitude towards social, cultural and racial issues will be improved. From reading the passage I did not feel drawn to argument, but to thanksgiving.
I am pleased that by attending services at St. Mary’s I am given the opportunity to think afresh on these basics issues – and that’s even before I listen to the excellent sermons we are honoured with each week!
It just makes me want to share what we have with more people. I hope it does that for you too.
Praise God!
Emrys Lloyd-Roberts
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