Editor’s Notes

Editor’s Notes for February

This past month, I particularly noted a couple of sentences mentioned by two preachers.
Peter Wintgens when talking about the passage in John 1, 35-42 brought our attention
to the fact that when asked about his lifestyle, Jesus simply responded, “Come and
see.” Archdeacon Stephen Roberts, in his talk, told us that what Jesus offered was
irresistible and radically simple.
It all made me remember how simple spreading the Christian message is.
We don’t need to be theologians with impressive credentials, we simply need to point
people to Jesus. When asked about why we believe in God or why we worship at St.
Mary’s, all we need answer is “Come and see.” Showing people what we are about is so
much easier than trying to intellectually convince them. Some great person (regrettably,
I forget who!) once said something to the effect that we should always preach the
gospel, and if we have to, use words.
And the good thing is that if people do investigate Christianity, they must come face to
face with Jesus at some point. They will then find that what Jesus offers is indeed
irresistible (forgiveness, acceptance, love, a sense of self worth to name a few things)
and is exactly what everyone needs, if we are honest.
What could be simpler? So we St. Mary’s have no excuse. Tell our friends to come and
see, and they will find something that is irresistible!

Praise God!
Emrys Lloyd-Roberts
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