Editors Notes

Notes from our editor – who may be approaching you personally for articles for this newsletter soon!

The Lord has risen!

He has risen indeed!

What marvellous, positive words these are to greet one another at Easter. It is a simple yet profound statement of our faith in the risen Christ Jesus.

I also love the concept of a “Laughing Sunday” to follow that, as mentioned in our vicar’s article. With such a good start as a risen Lord, we have a lot to celebrate and to laugh about with our church family – and anyone else as well.

I finished my Lenten project of reading through the New Testament. While doing that, I was struck with the ordering of the first five books.

I had always wondered why Luke and Acts were separated, as Acts is the continuation of Luke. I also wondered why John’s gospel is placed where it is.

I know John it is not a “synoptic” gospel, but it does not have to follow the other three. It begins with “In the beginning…” which mirrors the start of Genesis. Since Genesis is the first book of the Old Testament, it seems logical to me that John should be the first book of the New Testament. Moving John from the fourth to the first book would deal with the ‘Luke/Acts’ issue and provide a start consistent with the Old Testament.

I shared these thoughts with friends, who now view me as a heretic!

I don’t want to add or subtract from the Bible, but a more sensible order would be helpful, I think. However, notwithstanding the reaction of my friends, I am glad to say that it is OK to read the Bible with an enquiring mind and to think about what it is saying and how it is saying what it says.

I look forward to being able to attend worship at St. Mary’s from May.

However, I may be approaching you personally for articles for this newsletter, so be prepared…

Praise God!


Emrys Lloyd-Roberts

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