Editor’s Notes

Thoughts from our newsletter Editor, Emrys Lloyd-Roberts

We are in the reflective time of Lent. That is a good time to take stock of where we are going spiritually and make any changes that are good. For me, I decided to complete a project I started with another member of St. Mary’s congregation, to read through the Bible in the ‘Good News’ version. I had stopped at the end of the Old Testament. So far, I am in the middle of John’s gospel.

I am again struck by the change in perspective now that Jesus is doing the teaching. The Old Testament has a lot for us to learn, but Jesus goes so much deeper than the mere laws, to the essential attitude of loving God completely in everything and loving our neighbours as ourselves. That fresh air blows away traditions, judgments and prejudices, allowing everyone a new hope.

I am, once more, amazed at the teaching that God cares about those in need, those who recognise their own failings, the imperfect, the downcast and the socially forgotten. Mere religion, that is the following of man-made rules and principles, is swept away and replaced by a genuine relationship with God. Wow!

May we all have that personal link with God in our lives and experience the blessings of God’s presence day by day, just as we are. And may each one of you have a joyous and blessed Easter at the end of March.

Praise God!

Emrys Lloyd-Roberts

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