Editors Notes

Notes from our Newsletter Editor, Emrys Lloyd-Roberts

I am writing this to the sound of the El NiƱo rains. I am again struck by the concept of
rain being a blessing from God. It certainly is for us here.
I am so glad to be right here and right now. Not that I have any option! I was once told
that true freedom can be wanting to do what you have to do. That is, embracing
wholeheartedly what is actually happening in one’s life and going beyond acceptance to
active joy.
Our newsletter is a glimpse of St. Mary’s where we embrace life – be it prayer, Lenten
practice, moorings, communion preparation for children, our attitude to fear, a book written by a member of our congregation or a Pancake Party
to name just a sample.
I would love to see articles from more people in our church. I am aware that we are who
the members are. No member is unimportant and so stories, information thoughts and
views from our members are important too. I would love to read what you all want to
Articles from more members of the congregation would be like more blessings.
Praise God!
Emrys Lloyd-Roberts
Please send any articles for the newsletter to me at [email protected]

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