Editors Notes

Notes from the newsletter editor, Emrys Lloyd-Roberts

Once again, there is a lot to read in our monthly newsletter.

There are the bitter-sweet articles about the passing of beautiful people’s who made a definite positive difference in their lives. There are articles about what we are doing at St. Mary’s from Asi’s work to an art exhibit, blessing animals, a new production and the PCC’s proposal for a mobile phone installation. We can read about a pilgrimage. A former vicar is retiring, we have some thoughts about the current migrant issues, there are those to remember in prayer and we are encouraged to recognise that God loves us and can speak to us in different ways.

I am constantly amazed at the diversity of what is happening at St. Mary’s. I am happy to be part of a church that encompasses all these topics and more. This is a church I am happy to invite friends to attend.

This is a church where I do not have to ‘check my mind at the door’ but a church where issues are discussed intelligently. This is not a church so concerned about history (although we have a rich one) that we have nothing to say about the present. This is a relevant church, dealing with what is actually happening. Although we can include only a little each issue, even this little shows us what a rich community we live in, how active our church family is and what a blessing we have in this church family.

Praise God!

Emrys Lloyd-Roberts

Please send any articles for the newsletter to me at [email protected]