Editors Notes

The Editor Speaks!

Summer is in full swing and our newsletter reflects this. Look at the notice about the
Sunday afternoon recital series and the article about helping to keep the church open.
There is also an article about our summer production of Joseph, which was clearly a
huge success.
An interesting new article is the minutes from our PCC. This will be a regular feature in
future, as the PCC intentionally remains as transparent as possible in doing the
‘business’ side of the church. Please read these minutes prayerfully and keep asking
yourself how you can be involved in the unfolding vision for St. Mary’s.

The church in Livermore has now fully moved its finances to a bank which is more in
lines with the church’s concern for the community and ways that money can be used to
help our neighbours. Jesus said a lot about money (and it was not all good either!) and
the congregation is taking seriously the way we use church money.
We had a yard sale recently, not only trying to get rid of unwanted items cluttering the
church building, but also to advertise that we are here. We decided not to price
anything, but simply to ask people to give what they felt was appropriate for anything
they wanted. People kept saying how impressed they were with that attitude and as a
result we managed to talk to a lot of Livermore residents and raised funds for the
church. We raised more than we have raised in the past. We suspect it had to do with
not insisting on specific prices, but allowing people to be generous.

I am beginning to feel semi-retired now that I work only three days a week, with a four
day weekend. Californians like to work, it seems. Need I say that I see things

Praise God!
Emrys Lloyd-Roberts
Please send any articles for the newsletter to me at [email protected]