Editor’s Notes

Editor’s Notes – Summer has come to San Francisco

Summer has come to San Francisco. That means remembering to carry an extra sweater, being prepared for overcast skies filled with fog that completely hides the sun, and tourists, who come expecting hot sunshine and have to buy warm sweatshirts with San Francisco logos, as if they were actually just buying souvenirs rather than keeping warm!

Ellie, Alex and Emrys

Ellie, Alex and Emrys

Two tourists I really loved seeing were Ellie and Alex – photo attached. It was wonderful to be able to talk about St. Mary’s (and to remind Ellie to write an article for the newsletter!) and again feel the closeness of community. I always remember the song about, blessed be the bond that ties our hearts in Christian love. There is that bond between Christians everywhere.

On the train into San Francisco one morning this past week two people began fighting. The train stayed at the station until the police arrived. I started talking with the person sitting next to me. He turned out to be a Christian, who was seeking to serve God.
Although he had worked many years in the mortgage business, he said he was not fulfilled in his work and had often thought that he would prefer to be working as a minister.
I was able to share with him some of the story of our own curate, Philip, and encourage him to go after his God-given dreams, no matter where he was currently in his career.
People are the same everywhere and God speaks to each heart directly.

The church in Livermore officially has a new minister. Those of you who read my January article may remember that 4 people arrived at the church unexpectedly at the beginning of Advent. They had felt drawn there, and I believe that the Holy Spirit was at work to make that happen.

The new minister, Keith is one of those people. We are looking to see what the Holy Spirit will do next…
It is exciting to see what the Holy Spirit is doing at St. Mary’s as I read how we are ‘Growing together with God’. What a great God we have.

Praise God!
Emrys Lloyd-Roberts
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