Editor’s Notes

The newsletter editor sets out what is in store in this months newsletter

What an exciting time to be part of St. Mary’s! When I read about how our church is redefining itself as it looks to the future, I feel so blessed to be a part of this vision. The vision is not only for a building, but for people who worship here and people who live in our community. We are seeing that the concept of ‘them’ and ‘us’ can not work for St. Mary’s, as it can not work for anyone sincerely following Jesus. God so loved the world…

How appropriate that this comes after Lent – a time of reflection and prayer, concentrating on spiritual matters, and after Easter – a time of rejoicing and sharing the good news of a risen Jesus, alive in the world.

I can already feel the impact even where I am!

As well as the vision for our future, this edition talks about the next election, finding grace in Spain, those for whom we should pray, the work being done in our community and within our parish. I love the painting that the children, led by Felicity, created for the altar. I particularly love seeing the church in the midst of activity on the river, new life in the trees, homes where people live and a powerhouse. And throughout the scene we read that each one (we are all ‘I’) lifts the Lord on high. What great symbolism. Thank you Felicity and the children.

Today is the beginning of what comes next.
Praise God!
Emrys Lloyd-Roberts
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