Closer to God

News from Asi Munisi, Families & Children’s Minister, about recent events and upcoming opportunities.

Closer to God
After such an exciting run up to the lenten season with pantomimes, pancake parties and Mardi Gras; it is quite a challenge to be still  and listen for God. That is the challenge I and the children have this Lent. I found myself questioning whether the greater challenge is in the season of Advent with the excitement and expectation around Christmas, or Lent, giving up something or choosing to give more? One of the children said to me, ‘I don’t get any presents at Easter, we just get chocolate eggs’. This gave me pause for thought, and answered my question. It doesn’t matter which is the greater challenge, what matters is relationship with God. So the challenge would be to change focus or rather question what we are focusing on?  The season of Lent, like Advent, reminds us, or rather the Church gives us that opportunity, to build on our relationship with God.
In all the excitement, preparation and hubbub of Mardi Gras I asked myself where is God in this? Seeing our community coming together, sharing our talents and fellowshipping together I caught a glimpse of God in the hearts of so many, especially looking in the joyful faces of the members of the Westbridge choir who took part in the celebration. A great sense of belonging and community, that those who don’t have much experience with Church I am sure had a wonderful taste of being among Christians in one of God’s houses.

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The pancake party was such good fun. Soon after the excitement of ‘Mardi Gras’ the Westbridge choir returned to St Mary’s in full force. The party attracted a nice mix of children and adults. Gratitude to all the helpers. It was so funny to see Debbie our Vicar’s warden playing with the kids in a bid to win musical statues, but well done Debbie who came in the top 3.

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Competitive spirits unite!

Taking time to pause and reflect was quite a challenge in the midst of such excitement and high energy. Nevertheless we took time to remind ourselves that it was time to prepare ourselves to journey with Jesus in the wilderness and draw closer to God.
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Things to come
Holy Communion preparation classes begin on Sunday 20th March. If your child is aged between 8 & 12 and feels ready, then please register with Asi for them to join in the preparation. Please make sure you let Asi know by Sunday 6th March.
Friday 25th March is Good Friday and Felicity Prazack will be leading the children in creating a new Easter altar frontal from 10am and Asi will prepare the children for a dramatic movement presentation to be shared on Easter Sunday. As usual we will need volunteers on the day to help with marking children in, serving snacks and generally helping out. Please do get in touch with Asi if you are available to assist.
The workshop will be followed by Worship in Church at 12pm.


Kind regards,

Asi Munisi
 Families & Children’s Minister
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