Children’s Society

Report from Libby Bradshaw

Children's Society

Children’s Society

In an earlier newsletter I wrote about the work of The Children’s Society which helps vulnerable children of all faiths and no faith including those at risk on the streets, young refugees, disabled, young carers and those within the youth justice system.

I am now writing to thank all those of you at St Mary’s who support the Children’s Society in various ways and especially those who have supported and raised money during the time since I took over as co-ordinator in June 2013.

Individual collecting boxes have raised over £160 with more to come.  Thank you to all of you who have these.  To all others – pPlease let me know if you would like a collecting box

Our Christingle service was held on Sunday 8th December at 3pm and raised over £100.

Christingle service

Christingle service

We had 76 people there with a good mixture of children and adults. Thank you to Simon for leading the service and to Asi for preparing the service content and organising a band to lead the singing, including both her children. Thank you also to Debbie Apostolides for preparing 100 Christingles!

Carol Singing: After choir practice on December 18th a band of singers went out to brave the elements and sing carols around the restaurants and pubs in Battersea Square and High Street. The £160 raised will be donated to The Children’s Society.

My next plan is for an event around Mothering Sunday which is Sunday 30th March so watch this space!

Thank you all again.


Libby Bradshaw,

Children’s Society Co-ordinator for St Mary’s

Tel: 07956 655037 Email [email protected]