Children’s Activities

Upcoming Children’s Activities in November and December.

Christingle Service
Our annual Chrstingle Service will take place on Sunday 11th December at 4 pm. Everyone – young and old are invited to attend to enjoy the warmth and vibrancy of this wonderful event – celebrating Jesus as the light of the world. There will be a collection for the work of The Children’s Society. In preparation for this event Ruth Hollely will be rehearsing a children’s choir to sing at the event. The rehearsals are from 10 am on the following Sundays; 6th, 20th and 27th November and 4th December. There is also a rehearsal at 3 pm prior to the Christingle Service at 4 pm on the 11th December. All these rehearsals will take place downstairs in the crypt in the choir vestry.
Nativity Play
Our nativity play takes place on Sunday 18th December at the 11 am service. We are putting on a fun Christmas tale called Straw and Order. We have parts and roles for all children who want to be in it. Please email Cal Alphonse on [email protected] to register your interest or come along to our rehearsals during Junior Church time on Sundays 27th November and 11th December. We will also have a rehearsal on Saturday 17th December at 10 am at St Mary’s.