Children and Families

Calling all Children and Families – as Well as “Those of Riper Years”!

Calling all Children and Families – as Well as “Those of Riper Years”!


First of all, please don’t forget to come to St Mary’s for the 11am Service on Sunday 18th September to say thank you and goodbye to Asi Munisi, our Families and Children’s Minister, as she leaves us that Sunday. Asi will lead Junior Church that day and then at the end of the service we will pray for her and say our thank yous.

As we thought about how we would continue to minister to our children and families once Asi had left, many of the parents expressed a wish to have more active children’s involvements in the First Sunday 11am service. They said that our children very much enjoy coming to church and it would be great if we could offer them more responsibility and involvement in the services themselves.

So that’s what we’re going to do! Starting from the First Sunday of October – when we celebrate Harvest Festival – our First Sunday 11am services will see plenty of opportunity for families to be involved in the service together, and for children to take particular roles. We hope that family units (of whatever sort) will be on hand to offer a welcome as people arrive, that children will take a part in reading the bible for us, in leading aspects of worship, in helping with Holy Communion, and in other imaginative ways. And don’t forget, as well, that Mary Tester and the First Sunday Band welcome new players of all ability to take part. Do get in touch with Mary directly about that ([email protected]).

Being an inclusive church also means being a truly intergenerational church, where all ages work together. So it would be just as great if some of our senior members joined in with working alongside the children and families in taking part in those services.

So, if you would like to be involved in some way as a family, or your children would like to play a role in services, or if you’re a more ‘mature’ member of the chuch, we shall be putting together a plan for the whole year in the coming weeks that will allow you all to take a role as convenient in busy lives, and to give time for some preparation and ideas and, where necessary, rehearsal. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to St Mary’s or have been here a long time, let’s try something fresh together and join in as a church family.

Please do get in touch with me or with other members of the PCC Family & Children’s Working Group to play a part.

Simon Butler ([email protected])
Faith Saunders ([email protected])
Tom Tillyard ([email protected])