Brief News & Notices

Summer Junior Church – Confirmation 2017- Church Open To Visitors – Sermons for Summer

Summer Sermons

Would you like a sermon on a special topic, a theological issue, and ethical question or a particular passage of the bible? Please let Simon know directly ([email protected]) or feel free to fill in the suggestion sheet in church. We will have sermons on some of these requests in the late July/early August period.

Church Open To Visitors

We try to keep the church open during the summer months on Sunday afternoons. If you can help by being available to welcome people, please contact Libby Bradshaw directly ([email protected]) or please sign in church. There are two, two-hour slots each Sunday afternoon. No local history knowledge required.

Summer Junior Church

We try to give our Junior Church leaders a break over the summer while still offering some form of Junior Church for children. If you can help lead a group for a Sunday from 6th August to the end of August, please contact Cal Alphonse ([email protected]) or sign up at the back of the church.

Confirmation 2017

We have a Confirmation booked for Sunday 5th November and if you are over 14 and interested in being confirmed, please contact Simon ([email protected]) soon.