Be Happy

A Personal Reflection by Gladys Ikeme

“Happiness” – It Pays to be Happy

A Personal Reflection by a Member of the Congregation

When we wake up we wonder what the day will bring to us. Firstly, we have to stop  thinking that we’re wonderful and pray and thank God for another day. We have to  remember His kindness for getting us up; some never woke up.
Try to make someone happy even if it takes going out of your way. A smile does
enough, a little chat with someone you meet at the bus stop will brighten his/her day.
Some are scared to talk to people, but you never know who will bring you good luck,
just a “hello!” is enough.
Whosoever will be chief (great) among you, let him be your servant, the Bible says in
Matthew 20: 26.
Before moving here I prayed to God to give me a place next to the church, which he
did, Loving Father. St. Mary’s Church to me is special; I love the songs, Bible
passages, prayers, sermons and children’s section with volunteering to carry the
cross. I love the choir which I have not had time to join, but I sing my own share from
my seat whenever I attend. The church is well organised with real commitment. My
thanks to all those who do this good work.
I thought, “When I retire I’ll have plenty of time”. As it turns out, the thing I enjoy best
is waking late since I don’t set my alarm to get me up for work. I sleep and stay in
bed for at least 8 hours. I detest morning appointments for anything, hospital or you
name it. Sometimes I wonder how I survived nursing. It was hectic those days when I
used to have no fewer than 10 patients to look after on my own. It was madness, but
I thank God I survived it.
I sleep late because I read books, write articles and meditate. My day can be hectic.
It’s either I’m at college, doing my exercises, yoga, having a walk, doing voluntary
work, attending to clients if any or attending to my personal needs. Life can not be
stagnant, we have to pray for good health and move on.
Enjoy this poem with me.

I had a friendly smile
I gave that smile away,
The milkman and the postman
Seemed glad of it each day.I took it out when shopping
I had it in the street.
I gave it without thinking
To all I chanced to meet.
I gave it to my neighbours
Each old folk and little one
And though I’d much to do
A smile brightens everyone.
I always give my smile away
As thoughtless as can be,
Yet every time, how wonderful
My smile returns to me!

Gladys U Ikeme