Battersea Welcomes Refugees Project – New Arrivals!

The hard work in preparation is now paying off.

You may recall Serena Cox’s excellent presentation at the 8.30 and 11am services on April 29th regarding the Battersea Welcomes Refugees Project. This was reproduced in our May magazine. Serena, Sarah Bryant and I are part of the working group for this project which is made up of members from all the Battersea Deanery churches, led by our Area Dean, Richard Taylor.

We now have two properties ready and available with possibly more in the pipeline. Our exciting news is that our first Refugee family arrives on 31st July and we will shortly be hearing the date of arrival of the second family which will happen in September. Confidentiality does not allow me to say more than that, but it is such a joy to see this actually happening after all the hard work that has gone in to getting to this point.

Some of you may recall the questionnaire that was made available through a link to google forms. For anyone who missed it and would like to help with the project the link is: I am collating responses and can answer any queries re the questionnaire by phone: 07956 655037 or email: [email protected]

We currently have 24 offers of help from people in different churches, 7 of these from St Mary’s (including Serena and me). Some of these offers have been taken up in the preparation of the properties whilst other offers relate more to the welcoming and resettlement of the families once they arrive. Wandsworth Council will be doing much of the preliminary settling in but then our priority will be language, introduction to the local area and facilities and, later, schools and education.

Serena is the lead contact for St Mary’s so please contact her if you need further information at [email protected]
Thank you!