…and Welcome to David (and soon others)

David Britten starts work as our new Parish Manager and Assistant Treasurer on Monday 5th February.

David Britten starts work as our new Parish Manager and Assistant Treasurer on Monday 5th February. Many of us know David already so are at an advantage. But if you don’t please do introduce yourself so he can learn more of our names.

Having a Parish Manager is a new thing for St Mary’s. We have made a specific decision to employ someone at a more senior, managerial level in order to take some of the administrative burden and decision-making from me and our Honorary Treasurer, Nick Kidd (who will be standing down as PCC Treasurer around the Annual Meeting after doing a fantastic job). So, there’s going to be a learning process not just for David as he begins a new job, but for me and us all. I’m going to have to learn to not make decisions we now employ David to make on our behalf, and to ensure he’s kept in the loop about many things that up to now have been matters for the PCC and which PCC members and offices have taken forward (an example of this concerns building maintenance and projects). Some of you may find that David is going to focus on these things rather than some of the more basic secretarial tasks that we have become used to being done by Sunny. This may mean that sometimes we have to find new ways of doing things.

Another change that will happen quite quickly is the opening up of the Upper Vestry as a sort of ‘front-office’, from which David will work, which will enable us to keep the church open at times during the day.

Having an employee as a regular church member also makes for some challenges of boundary-keeping. David is a church member, who is at church most Sundays, and when he comes to church it is important that he is allowed to come and worship rather than being bombarded with church business matters. So please, if you’ve got a church business question, please don’t buttonhole him on Sunday, but contact him during his working hours (8.30 to 12.30 Monday to Friday). David will be having an office mobile too so he can keep personal and work life separate.

I know you will make David very welcome.

A brief update on other appointments: David has begun the process of recruiting a 2-morning a week Parish Secretary who we hope will begin work by or shortly after Easter. Transitions are always difficult and so, while David builds his team and settles into his role, David has asked Sunny to assist on a contractor basis and Sunny has agreed to do that.

We have also begun the process of appointing an Associate Vicar for Community Development and Mission. I’m pleased to say I’ve had a number of initial enquiries expressing considerable interest in this post so I’m hopeful we shall have a good field of applicants to consider. We shall be interviewing on Tuesday 20th March and the panel will include myself and Debbie our Churchwarden, alongside others. I hope we can make an announcement with good news of an appointment around Easter.