An Eggciting Easter

Easter update from the Families minister.

I couldn’t help myself, it’s been done before, but always fun to do.  My first Easter with St. Marys was indeed an exciting time. The highlights being the Easter egg hunt at Fred Wells Gardens, hosted by Katherine Low, the Good Friday workshop and leading the children to lead the congregation in song on Easter Sunday.

Easter egg hunt

easterhuntThe Easter holidays were filled with Easter egg hunts all over London. Katherine Low volunteers held a fancy dress easter egg hunt at Fred Wells Gardens. The children’s groups plus families from the community came out in the 100’s. A great job was done and so much work went into boiling and painting the real eggs to be hidden. Children were instructed to find 5 eggs, which would be brought to me to exchange for a chocolate Easter egg. As part of the 90 years celebration some eggs were especially painted KLS 90 and the children who found those special eggs would receive a special price in addition to their chocolate egg. There were some fantastic costumes from bunnies to superheroes .  The event was well supported and well attended.

What the cross means to me

This was the theme of our Good Friday Workshop this year. The children’s workshop was split into two sections. The first half after watching a you tube video of the song ‘Here I am to worship’, the children thought about what the cross means to them as they worked on the alter frontal.


It’s quite a challenge to make sense of death let alone resurrection and to link that Jesus died on the cross to save us all for that is how much God loved us is mind boggling. The Altar frontal the children worked on will be up until May 6th.  The eggs are a symbol of new life in Christ.

Kensington and Chelsea-20140424-00116

The second half of the workshop we practiced singing ‘Here I am to Worship’ to lead the congregation in singing the song together on Easter Sunday. This worship songs does give us some pause for thought on the meaning of the cross.


We ended our workshop time together with worship. We were so blessed to have a live band to accompany our singing.

DSCN3440It makes such a difference to have live music to accompany modern worship songs. As it was Good Friday we did have some traditional spirituals to sing like ‘Were you there when they crucified my Lord’ and ended on a reflective note singing ‘Jesus remember me.’ An important message which I hope the children understood as I explored with them the opportunity one of the thieves who was crucified alongside Jesus asked Jesus to remember him and Jesus promised that he would be with him in paradise. That promise is for all of us, the door is always open for us and the opportunity to be with Jesus is always there if we remember what a great friend Jesus is to us.


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