An appreciation of Jack State

From Emma Belak.

Jack was a great friend to me. About 6 years ago, when I started welcoming and doing the readings which Paul had asked me to do, Jack showed me the way.

I started giving Jack a lift back after evensong. This was the reason I took my car and didn’t do the short walk which would have been easy. I am indebted to Jack as I found (and still slightly find) reading out loud in church very intimidating as I felt I was not good enough. I am also shy.
Jack and I would discuss the readings as we drove back. Then he would explain the Bible to me. We would also discuss the sermon or the readings or just simply Christianity. He made me appreciate the Psalms as prayers.

He had a deep faith by which he lived. I just hope I gain a tiny bit of his eternal satisfaction with life and acceptance of dying in order to see God.

I enjoyed his sense of humour. He used to tell me about all the old women in the building where he lived and his being the only man. It made me giggle when he would sit behind me at the 11 o’clock service and tap my back and say ‘Hello mate’. Jack also loved a good detective book.

He was one of the most pragmatic people I knew. For instance, he told me to say when his hearing aid whistled. He was always interested in my work and recognised that I was busy. He was always very grateful even though he did not have to be.

I still have a lump in my throat thinking of you Jack. We miss you.

This is from Jack.
Grant unto us, Almighty God, that quiet mind and patient waiting to which Thy comforting Spirit comes, that we may do Thy will and have our hearts prepared for that peace of Thine whichpasseth understanding: which, if we have storms of life, will hurt us but a little, and the cares of life vex us not at all, in face of which death will lose its sting and the grave its victory, and we in calm joy walk all the days of our appointed time until our great change shall come. Amen