A Tribute to Diana Goodwin

A key member of this parish for many years who helped out whenever there was a need.

A Tribute to Diana Goodwin by her family
Given by Johnnie Moir

Diana was our sister, sister-in-law, stepmother, stepgrandmother, cousin, niece, aunt, step-aunt, great-aunt, godmother, friend, work colleage, member of the Paddington Rotary Club, Speech and Language Therapist, fellow parishioner. You all were at least one of these but above all you were her friends.

Diana Goodwin

Diana Goodwin

Diana was born on 11th June 1951, in Woking Maternity Hospital, the youngest child of Dr John and Mrs Phyllis (known as Tommy) Moir. Her siblings were Rosie, me and Clive. She was 9 years younger than Rosie, 5 and 3 ½ years younger than me and Clive respectively. We all got on well together from the beginning and Clive and I found her very useful to take part in our games of Cowboys and Indians almost as soon as she was able to walk! Often she got tied to a tree as the squaw! We grew up with our cousins, Jacqueline, William and Nicolette, who lived just 5 miles away and we remain very firm friends to this day. We are also good friends with cousins Angela and Tom in Suffolk and our Moir cousins in the Midlands.

Diana grew up quickly and did well at school. She went to the same junior school as Rosie, Jacqueline and Nicolette and from there went to Boarding School, St Mary’s, Calne, near Marlborough. She was clever and an extremely hard worked and achieved some good exam results, which enabled her to do well in her career as a Speech and Language Therapist.

Her interests were numerous. She was not particularly sporty but she would always join in a game of tennis and other activities. She learnt to ski proficiently and enjoyed several good family holidays. But her main sporting activity was sailing and both Diana and I went on many fun holidays and weekend sailing trips with our brother-in-law Peter. As ever Diana was a perfectionist and she attended Navigation classes to become proficient in this field. She also joined the RTYC and sailed competitively in New Zealand
and Japan.

She loved music and opera and throughout her life went regularly to numerous concerts and operas. She also played the oboe which is not an easy instrument to master.

She had skills in other areas too. I have been reminded that she had car mechanic skills – embarking on long journey in a car with a leaking radiator, she carried several bottles of water which she used to top up the radiator every 25 or so miles! Her next car was a VW Beetle which had an air-cooled engine – ever practical Diana!

Diana enjoyed giving very generous dinner parties – she was a marvellous hostess and excellent cook. She also loved baking and her cakes were legendary.

We were all delighted when Diana married Geoffrey Goodwin on the 18th November 1995. They a very happy life together and she became a member of the most wonderful family.

Diana would help anyone in need and particularly her family and was a wonderful support and fantastic friend – I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this. She was a key member of this parish for many years and helped out whenever there was a need.

Her dementia illness started around 2013/4 and slowly reduced her ability to do things. It was heartbreaking to watch her decline. Her amazingly strong faith in God was a great comfort to her and carried her through to the end.

Diana’s whole family will be forever grateful to her wonderful team of Carers, friends and briefly the Beaumont Care Home who cared and looked after her so wonderfully during her last difficult months.

She was the most generous, helpful, kind, loving, thoughtful, supportive person in the world and will be hugely missed by all of us.

God rest her soul