Editor’s Notes – Road Trip

I never cease to be amazed at how God answers prayer.

I recently drove from California to Alberta, Canada to visit my sister, whose husband has been ill and is confined to a wheelchair. Driving allowed me to see the spectacular scenery, especially the Rocky Mountains in Montana. I had a good visit. Her husband continues to improve, thank God.

On the second day of my return journey, I was in the middle of the desert in Nevada when I heard a loud explosion followed my the sound of metal. I pulled over. My inspection revealed that my destroyed front passenger tire was the culprit, the metal sound being the rim against the road.

I thought to myself, “Thank God I am not hurt and no one else was involved. Good thing I belong to the American Automobile Association (AAA), and good thing my mobile phone is fully charged”. However, being in the middle of a desert, there was no reception, so the phone was useless.

I then tried to flag down passing traffic to ask someone to contact AAA for me. No one even slowed down. So, I did what I should have done first, I prayed. I specifically asked God to send an angel to help me. Having prayed, I just patiently waited until the angel (a messenger from God) arrived. His name was Joe.


Apparently someone had kindly reported my situation to the Highway Patrol and Joe responded to the call. I told him that I had prayed for an angel and he was obviously the one. He simply laughed! He changed the tire for me and personally escorted me to the nearest tire store in Battle Mountain. The store managed to fit me in quickly, changed both front tires as the other was getting worn – I had traveled over 2,000 miles by then – and I was back on the road within an hour.

I never cease to be amazed at how God answers prayer. We can be certain that our Heavenly Father cares about us and looks after us. Being able to share stories like this helps us to share the good news that our God is a loving God, very real and able to act. I include a photo of my angel.
Praise God! Emrys Lloyd-Roberts