Notices 21/07/2019

This Week at St Mary’s

The Parish Office is Open on Weekday Mornings from 9.30am until 12.30pm

 Monday            Morning Prayer at 8.30am (at the Vicarage, 32 Vicarage Crescent)

Tuesday             Holy Communion Service at 8.30am (at Sacred Heart, Trott Street)

Memorial Service for the late Andrea Colville at 3.30pm

Wednesday       Morning Prayer at 8.30am (at the Vicarage, 32 Vicarage Crescent)

Funeral Service for the late Charles Crosthwaite at 1pm

Thursday           Holy Communion at 12.30pm (at Sacred Heart, Trott Street)

 Sunday 21stJuly       6thSunday after Trinity

 8.30am       Holy Communion (Traditional Language)

11.00am      Parish Eucharist for the Summer Weeks

                        A slightly-less formal celebration while the choir take its summer break

                          President: Reverend Aaron Kennedy, Associate Vicar

                          Preacher: Canon Simon Butler, Vicar

3.00pm         Free Summer Music Recital: James Gough, Organ

                          Music by Buxtehude, Böhm and Bach

6.00pm          Evening Prayer with Hymns

                          Led by Reverend Aaron Kennedy

 For Your Prayers

Individuals in need

Rosemary Thomas, Casidy Cline, Daniel Maurer, Richard Sutton, Ron Nicholls, Dorcas Sonoda, Richard Plender

The departed and their families

David Chatterji de Massey, Jeffrey, Robert Pyne, Chizuko Kobayashi, Philip White, Elsie Davenport, Tesfa Campbell, Charles Crosthwaite, Sheila Norris, Andrea Colville, Joyce Oakley, Ernest Morgan, Giovanna Cappiello and Anthony Gent

  This Week’s Notices

The Flowers this weekwere donated by Sue Whitley, in loving memory of her husband Christopher.

First Communion Classes for children aged 7 or up, will take place during the 11am Sunday service from Sunday 8thSeptember to Sunday 13thOctober, with the admission service on Sunday 20thOctober. Please contact Simon if your child would like to be prepared for admission to communion.

New Invitation Services: These will begin in the autumn and will replace our First Sunday service with acts of worship specifically prepared on the assumption that we will invite and bring guests to the services, especially those who are not yet regular worshippers or practising Christians. The first of these on October 6thwill be our popular Pets’ Service, the November 3rdService will be Hymns and Pimm’sand the December 1stService will be a Christingle Service.

Parish Pilgrimage to Walsingham, Saturday 26thOctober: First details of our pilgrimage with Sacred Heart Church to this Anglican/Roman Catholic Shrine in Norfolk are now available at the back. Please sign up soon for coach booking.

Funeral Vergers & Sunday Welcomers: Funerals are an important opportunity for St Mary’s to serve its parishioners and we have a small team of folk who help by welcoming people and assisting the clergy as voluntary funeral vergers. We need one or two more volunteers, available on weekdays. Please speak to Simon or David Britten if you can help. We would welcome one or two new Sunday Welcomers for the 11am Service, as the team is a little depleted. Contact Carol Bailey to volunteer: [email protected]

St Mary’s Fair: We are looking for people who live in or near the parish to have an estate agent board in their front garden to advertise St Mary’s fair which takes place in September. Please let Debbie Apostolides know if you can help. [email protected]

 Baptismal Sundays: We have more than usual baptismal Sundays in August and September as we seek to respond to those who live overseas and who are back for the summer, and also to offer hospitality to the newly-arrived grandchildren of church members.

Junior Church during August: Can you help with a light-touch Junior Church session during August, while our regular leaders take a break? There are usually fewer children present, but it would be good to keep things going during those weeks. Please let Cal Alphonse know if you can [email protected] Thank you.