Life Events: Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals


Everyone resident within the boundaries of St Mary’s Parish has a right to be married at St Mary’s so long as there is no legal impediment. You do not need to have been baptised. It is also possible to be married at St Mary’s if you can show that you have a historical connection with the Church (e.g. you used to live in the parish, your parents or grandparents were married here; or you were baptised at St Mary’s.

Church Members are also able to married at St Mary’s. Becoming a member means worshipping here regularly (at least twice a month for 6 months) and applying to go on the Church Electoral Roll (which isn’t the same thing as the local government electoral register). You have to be baptised.

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You have recently had a baby and you are thinking of having him or her christened. Congratulations! The birth of a baby often makes us think about the bigger issues in life: our values and spiritual priorities. Or maybe your children are a little older and you are only now thinking about what faith is all about. Today many adults ask to be baptised as well, as they find themselves drawn to God as adults. Whatever your reason for thinking about baptism you are welcome at St Mary’s.

Just one thing: when it comes to the baptism of children we have to prioritise the baptism of the children of parishioners and we cannot agree to the baptism of those who have no connection with St Mary’s or Battersea. If you don’t have such a connection, we encourage you to seek out your local Church of England Parish Church who will be delighted to help you.

More details and downloads: Baptisms


Losing a loved is one life’s biggest challenges. At St Mary’s we seek to respond in a number of ways to any local resident or church member who experiences such a loss.

Our clergy make it a priority to conduct a funeral service for those who live in our parish or who have a historic link with St Mary’s or North Battersea. In the first place, please contact the Vicar, who is very experienced in assisting those encountering bereavement and can advise about some of the practicalities.

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