About St Mary’s During the November/December Lockdown

The Church is Alive, but the Building is Closed

The Government have ordered churches to close to public worship during this second lockdown. Until at least 2nd December we can still join together in worship and fellowship through our live-streaming page. This website is also where you can find out more information, through the weekly newsletter. If you are not yet subscribed, you can do so here (https://www.stmarysbattersea.org.uk/newsletters/).

Worship during Lockdown

There lockdown worship pattern is as follows – all acts of will be livestreamed and will remain to take part in at  facebook.com/stmarysbattersea :

Sundays (except Remembrance Sunday*): Holy Communion (Traditional Language) at 8.30am

Parish Eucharist with St Mary’s Choir at 11am

There will be no Sunday evening services during lockdown

Monday: Morning Prayer at 8.30am

Tuesday: Holy Communion at 8.30am

Wednesday: Lectio Divina (Bible Study) at 8.30am (Join us on Zoom: Passcode is 259290)

Thursday: Midday Prayer at noon

*Remembrance Sunday: Holy Communion at 9am; Remembrance Sunday service at 10.45am

Pray for the Nation

At a time of national anxiety the Church can be a beacon of hope and encouragement. Even if we feel worried just like everyone else, we have a confidence and security in God’s goodness to turn away from self-absorption to reach out to others. The bishops of the Church of England are inviting us all to Stop and Pray for the Nation at each day and we are going to do this at 1.00pm (or as near as possible to that moment). When we Stop and Pray five minutes of prayer could like this:

collect your thoughts and focus on God…

think of one thing for which you are thankful…

     pray for one thing each day as below…

(Sunday: loved ones; Monday: children and young people; Tuesday: older people and the vulnerable; Wednesday: Businesses and workplaces; Thursday: the NHS and key workers; Friday: National and local government; Saturday: all who grieve or suffer mental illness)

say the Lord’s Prayer (and possibly the daily Favourite Prayer)…

say the Grace or make the sign of the cross…

and then move on with the day.


We will be ringing the church bell at 1pm each day as well. Join us to Stop and Pray:

Loving father God

Be with us in our distress:

with our families, friends and neighbours

our country and our world.

Give health to the sick

hope to the fearful

and comfort to the mourners.

Give wisdom to our frontline and key workers

Insight to our government

and patience to us all;

Overcome disease with the power of your new life

through your son, Jesus Christ our Lord


St Mary’s Church Remains Open for Private Prayer

The church is open for private prayer at the following times:

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 12.30pm

Sunday Mornings


Lockdown Prayer Project

Prayer is at the heart of faith and many of us may well have a particularly important or significant prayer that is close to our hearts. We would like to invite you to share those with the rest of the congregation through our Facebook page. All you need to do is to email Simon our Vicar your favourite prayer, together with a few sentences of why your chosen is important to you, and day by day we will post them on the Facebook site, to give us each access to a daily prayer we can say. Alternatively, you might wish to write a prayer to share with us. It would be lovely if we could encourage one another in this way, and we warmly invite you to start sending me favourite prayers to [email protected] (ideally with a photograph if you are happy) and we will begin to post them from Monday 9th November.


Coronavirus Angels

We have relaunched the Angels project from earlier in the year, and are standing by to help people with shopping, errands, prescriptions, befriending etc. We would welcome further volunteers who can help in the Battersea area. If you would like to offer your services, please text your name to 07394 856557. If you could do with some practical support just call the same number.


Keeping it all Together in ourselves and our discipleship

We want to try and be church while in lockdown. Please look out for your neighbours and those in need. Please continue to support St Mary’s in prayer and worship. Please continue your generous giving. Please send us news and updates – especially if a church member is struggling. Please sign up for the newsletter on the website. And most of all, please be kind to yourselves and make sure you ask for help if you need it in any way in the coming weeks. No man is an island, wrote Donne. Church means sharing our burdens. We are here for one another.