Notices 31st January 2016

This Week at St Mary’s


The Office is open from Monday to Friday 9am to 12.30pm

Rev. Peter Wintgens is unavailable this week



8.30am          Morning Prayer on Wednesday (No Monday Morning Prayer this week)

8.30am          Holy Communion on Tuesday

12.30pm        Holy Communion on Thursday


Home Groups (The Parish Office has Contact Details)

Tuesday at 8.00pm (Contact: Ellie Cooke)

4th Wednesday/month Men’s Group at 8.30pm (Contact Peter Wintgens)

Thursday at 1.20pm in Upper Vestry (Contact: Leslie Spatt)

Sunday at 9.30am (Contact: Colin Wimsett)

3rd Sunday/month [email protected]’s Group at 7.15pm (Contact: Colin Wimsett)


This Week at St Mary’s

Monday                     Toddler Group at Dimson Lodge at 9.30am

Bell Ringing Practice and AGM at 7.45pm

Tuesday                     PCC Working Groups meet this evening

Wednesday              Informal Ministry Team Meeting at 9.15am

Full Choir Practice at 7.30pm


Special Services, Events & Meetings

Saturday                   Mardi Gras Party at 7pm in Church





  1. Mardi Gras Party: Saturday at 7pm. Free! A pre-Lent evening of music, words and general fun. Come along and enjoy members of the church and community offering their talents. Bring your friends. Mardi Gras masks may be worn!




  1. Ash Wednesday is 10th February: Services at 7.30am (for the early risers) and a Sung Service at 8pm. Both services will include acts of penitence and dedication at the beginning of Lent, together with the imposition of Ashes.


  1. Lent Study Groups: These popular groups will be beginning soon. You can sign up at the back of church to join our existing house groups for Lent or to join in extra groups that form at this time. Lent Study Groups will focus on Bible Study Resources for Lent produced by the Scottish Bible Society. Contact Peter Wintgens for details ([email protected]).


  1. Lent Book & Reading Group: Simon is encouraging people to read the Bible Reading Fellowship’s Lent Book, Dust and Ashes by David Runcorn, which can be purchased in various formats from Amazon, Book Depository or Church House Books. It is a book of daily bible readings and reflections. Additionally, Simon is going to host a discussion group, arising out of our reading of this book, which will meet in the Woodman (beer for those not giving it up in Lent!) on these dates in Lent: February 15, March 1, 7, 15, 22 at 8pm.


  1. Lent Talks: Being a Friend to Someone…Our Lent Sunday evening talks are being planned to cover issues people experience in daily life, such as addiction, dementia, depression, bereavement, and self-worth and confidence. All will take place at 7pm after Evening Prayer on Sunday evenings in Lent.


  1. One to Ones” in Lent: Our clergy are always keen to make themselves available to listen and assist you in your faith journey throughout the year, but Lent is an especially good time to seek them out. Simon in particular is making a special effort this year to spend time with people after the difficult events of the end of 2015. Please contact him or Peter directly to arrange to see them.


  1. Advance Notice: Palm Sunday. On the evening of 20th March, St Mary’s Choir will be performing Mozart’s Requiem. Invite you friends.


  1. We’re still collecting donations for the local night shelter. They need warm winter coats, jumpers, gloves, scarves & hats, toiletries, socks, new underwear, jeans, t-shirts and sleeping bags. Please bring any donations to church on Sundays or between 9 and 12.30 on weekdays. Thank you Libby and Carol Bailey.


For Your Prayers


Prayer for the Week:

Eternal Lord, our beginning and our end: bring us with the whole creation to your glory, hidden through past ages and made known in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Daily Bible Reading


Monday                    Mark 5: 1 – 20

Tuesday                    Mark 5: 21 – end

Wednesday              Mark 6: 1 – 6a

Thursday                  Mark 6: 7 – 13

Friday                        Mark 6: 14 – 29

Saturday                   Mark 6: 30 – 34


Next Sunday’s Readings:          

Exodus 34: 29 – end; 2 Corinthians 3: 12 – 4: 2; Luke 9: 28 – 36


For the Church and the World

  • For our ministry of welcome and hospitality.
  • For the growing work of the Katherine Low Settlement
  • For efforts to begin peace talks in Syria.
  • For those who suffer from loneliness or isolation.
  • For those in hardship as a result of the Bedroom Tax


For those who have asked for our prayers

Andrew Lee, Billy Garrett, Hilary Blumer, Gerald Twum & Sonia Smith, Rosemary & Roy Croft, Sue Reeve, Sue Feasey, Tyrone Whiting, Daisy Campbell, Maria Munisi, Miriam Wolff, Gaye Jackson, Valerie Coughlin, Theresa Geldart, Tom Price, Linh, Nicholas Tester, Phyllis Green, Liz Murthy, Junior Payton, Laurence and Kirstie Moore



Those Who Have Died Recently, Their Families and Friends:

Lindy Williamson, Peter Richards, Pierre, Charles Harbord-Hammond, Tom Harris, David Townshend, Keith Allen, Rosemarie Peters and Dick Blackwood