Notices 28th February 2016

This Week at St Mary’s


Parish Office – Sunny Walker-Kier is on holiday from 29th February for two weeks and during this time the office will be operating on reduced basis. Any enquiries should be directed to the Churchwardens or the Clergy.



8.30am          Morning Prayer on Monday and Wednesday

8.30am          Holy Communion on Tuesday

12.30pm       Holy Communion on Thursday


This Week at St Mary’s


Toddler Group at Dimson Lodge at 9.30am

Bell Ringing Practice at 7.45pm


Dust and Glory Book Group in the Woodman Pub at 8pm

Lent Bible Study Group at 8pm (Details: Peter Wintgens)


Informal Ministry Team Meeting at 9.15am

Full Choir Practice at 7.30pm

Lent Bible Study Group at 8pm (Details: Peter Wintgens)


Lent Bible Study Group at 1.20pm (Details: Peter Wintgens)



Special Services, Events & Meetings

Wednesday              SPA Meeting the Archdeacon of Wandsworth



Sunday 6th March: Fourth Sunday of Lent (Mothering Sunday)

8.30am               Holy Communion (Traditional Language)

9.30am                  Lent Bible Study Group (Details: Peter Wintgens)

11.00am             Parish Eucharist with First Sunday Band and Junior Church and the Baptisms of Juliana Addy and Sienna Sullivan

6.30pm               Stations of the Cross







      1. Sunday 28th February 2016 at the 11.00 am service we welcome the Revd.   Adam Boulter, who is preaching.


  1. A Parish Lunch follows this morning’s service. If you would like to join us, there’s enough food for some extras. We gather in the Crypt after coffee.


  1. The Admission of Children to Holy Communion: First Communion classes will be begin on 20th March, and will take place in the Sunday service at 11am,   alongside Junior Church. More details from Asi Munisi (07462 655 043 or [email protected])


  1. The Flower Group is looking for one or two volunteers to help with tying the posies for Mothering Sunday. It takes a couple of hours at the most, is not in  the least arduous and provides an excellent opportunity to chat while you work; we will meet at 10.00 a.m. on Saturday 5th March, in the church.   Please see Sarah Bryant after the service if you can help.


     5.Lent Groups: There are two options for growth this Lent. The usual Lent Study Groups, this year focusing on Bible Study meet on Sunday morning, Tuesday and Wednesday evening and                    Thursday afternoon. Details from Peter Wintgens. At the same time, a Lent Book Group is meeting in The Woodman Pub, Battersea High Street, at 8pm to study David Runcorn’s Dust and                    Glory with Simon. Details of timings are in the “This Week at St Mary’s” list above.


  1. Sunday Evenings in Lent: Stations of the Cross. Come and try something new for St Mary’s: Stations of the Cross is a devotional pilgrimage around the church, focusing on the events of the Passion of Christ. Each service will begin at 6.30pm and last about 45 minutes. This replaces Evening Prayer.


  1. “One to Ones” in Lent: Our clergy are always keen to make themselves available to listen and assist you in your faith journey throughout the year,      but Lent is an especially good time to seek them out. Please contact Simon or Peter directly to arrange to see them.


  1. Advance Notice: Palm Sunday. On the evening of 20th March, St Mary’s Choir will be performing Mozart’s Requiem. Invite you friends.


  1. Join the team working together at St Marys’: There are opportunities to assist in the Sunday life of the Church in a number of ways: Junior Church  leaders, reading the bible, leading the prayers, administering Holy Communion and – a new opportunity – acting as server and Sacristan. All on a rota basis: speak to the clergy or a staff team member to find out more.          Training is always given. There is also a vacancy for the position of Verger to help with the weddings taking place at St Mary’s during this year; this position is a paid one.



For Your Prayers


Prayer for the Week:

Holy God, our lives are laid open before you:

rescue us from the chaos of sin

and through the death of your Son bring us healing and make us whole

in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Daily Bible Reading


Monday         Luke 4: 24 – 30

Tuesday         Matthew 18: 21 – end

Wednesday  Matthew 5: 17 – 19

Thursday       Luke 11: 14 – 23

Friday             Mark 12: 28 – 34

Saturday       Luke 18: 9 – 14



Next Sunday’s Readings:          

Joshua 5: 9 – 12; 2 Corinthians 5: 16 – 21; Luke 15: 1 – 3, 11b – 32


For the Church and the World

  • That we may become more faithful to God through the discipline of Lent.
  • That God would lead his whole church into renewal in the Holy Spirit.
  • For all who are tempted to abuse their power.
  • For a fair and just resolution of the Junior Doctors’ dispute.
  • For our Study Groups meeting throughout Lent.


For those who have asked for our prayers

Andrew Lee, Billy Garrett, Sue Feasey, Theresa Geldart, Tom Price, Liz McMurthy, Junior Payton, Laurence, Kirstie Moore, Jean Hester, Paul Page, Helena Winters, Diana Standring, Charlie Standring, William Raynor, Theodoros Droushiotis, Tony Sheppard, Christine Sheppard, Piers Hansen, Stephanie Catherine Baldwin and John Paton


Those Who Have Died Recently, Their Families and Friends:

Rosemarie Peters, Michael Wimshurst, Tish Ramsay, James Marriot, Reg Logan, Catherine Hamer and John Murray