Notices 15th April 2018

This Week At St Mary’s



Morning Prayer at 8.30am

Bell Ringing Practice at 7.45pm



Holy Communion at 8.30am



Full Choir Practice at 7.30pm



Holy Communion at 12.30pm




Home Groups (The Parish Office has Contact Details)

Tuesday at 8.00pm (meets every fortnight)

Thursday at 1.30pm in Upper Vestry (Contact: Leslie Spatt)

Sunday at 9.30am (Contact: Evalyn Lee and David Britten)


Next Sunday 15th April: The Third Sunday of Easter


8.30am          Holy Communion (Traditional Language)

11.00am       Parish Eucharist with Junior Church and Baptism of Carl Sandén

6.00pm         Evening Prayer



Please Pray For…


Those who have asked for our prayers:

Andrew Lee, Samantha, Andre Fruchaud Machail, Sue Reeve, Sam & Xanthe Barker, Christina, James Potter, David Lewis, Brian and Alice Domingues


Those who have died recently, their families and friends:

Dino Bergamin, Henry Hope Frost, Fiona Machail, Eversley Gannon, John Cork, Dick Paul, Joy Gadsby, Nora Webber, Brian Moynahan, Gyorgyi, Davinci Harris and Nepal Seroja


Bible Reading Suggestions


Monday:                  Acts 6: 8 – 15

Tuesday:                  Acts 7: 51 – 8: 1a

Wednesday:            Acts 8: 1b – 8

Thursday:               Acts 8: 26 – end

Friday:                    Acts 9: 1 – 20

Saturday:               Acts 9: 31 – 42

Next Sunday’s Readings: Acts 4: 5 – 12; 1 John 3: 16 – 24; John 10: 11 – 18;



This Week’s Notices


Choral Evensong this month is held tonight and on Sunday & 29th April.


St Mary’s Annual Church Meeting: This will be held on Sunday 29th April, straight after the Parish Eucharist. Alongside the usual formalities the service will include a presentation on work with refugees in Wandsworth, to which the PCC has committed support in the coming years. There will be a bring and share Parish Lunch afterwards as well. Please sign up at the back. Everyone is most welcome.


Elections at the Annual Meeting: we have a couple of places for members to serve on the Deanery Synod. For more details, please contact Leslie ([email protected]). There will also be at least one place to elect to the Church Council and nominations would be particularly welcome from our black and minority ethnic members. Please contact Simon to find out what’s involved.


Electoral Roll Revision: It’s the time of year when we renew our membership list. If you have joined St Mary’s in the past year or so and consider it your spiritual home, please complete an Electoral Roll form at the back of church and place in in the letterbox at the back before you leave. If you’re already on the list but your details have changed (e.g. address), please also complete the form.


Serving God in Sunday Worship: We’re always keen to encourage newer members to take part in our worship. If you would like to read the bible readings ask for Sue Hughes; if you would like to join the choir, ask for James Potter; if you would like to have a go a leading the prayers, ask for Diana Nelson; if you’d like to join our Sunday Welcomers ask for Carol Bailey; if you’d like to help with Coffee on a Sunday, ask for David Evans. Just ask the clergy or one of the Welcomers at the back!


FaithWorks 18: Good progress is being made on a number of the events. A few places remain for our Pilgrimage for peace and remembrance to Passchendaele, 1-4th June. Contact: [email protected] We are also making some real progress with the Summer in the Square Event (a Community Celebration and Showcase) and there will be a special focus on this event at our services on Sunday 13th May. We’re particularly keen to find someone to help in leading on publicity, and someone else to lead on security. Contact :Jazz Wilson [email protected]

The Ecumenical Pilgrimage Walk around London’s sites of Christian martyrdom will now be on Saturday 30th June (from 10am to 4pm). Contact Simon to find out what’s involved.


British Red Cross: offered a free two hour training course, which will take place at St. Mary’s Battersea. If you are interested, please contact David Britten in the Office.



David Dimbleby Cancer Walk: is taking place on the 15th June. If you can help keep the church open between 8.30pm till about 12am please contact David Britten in the Office.