February 2019

A Rule of Life? What on earth is that???

Throughout the weeks leading up the beginning of Lent, I am inviting members of St Mary’s to come and find out more about sharing in a St Mary’s Rule of Life.

Junior Church

Everyone is welcome, even if they aren’t coming with children.

York Gardens

On the future of York Gardens Children’s Centre

A one-day workshop on the Common Good.

Aaron will be running an exciting new workshop designed by Together for the Common Good, on Saturday, 16th February, from 9.30am – 4.00pm. It will help us learn how we can become a community of the common good, fit for the 21st century, through our Suggest vocational responsibility, and alongside others with[…]

Oscar Hansen

I first got into singing (and music, more generally) when I was around 16 years old…

Dealing with Loss

What an interesting day I had in the Cancer Research charity shop.