Women’s World Day of Prayer

On the first Friday in March each year, an event takes place called “The Women’s World Day of Prayer”. This is a service organised by a different country, held in many countries of the world.

This year, it was the turn of Cuba. It is planned ahead for five years. The next are: 2017 Philippines 2018 Suriname 2019 Slovenia 2020 Zimbabwe 2021 Vanuatu

A service is prepared, printed and translated into many languages – 60 at the last count plus 1,000 dialects. For this, there are grants and donations from many national and international organisations, e.g. Christian Aid, Scripture Union, Bible Society. There is a different theme each year – 2016 was “Receive children, receive me.”

Every year each area chooses a church where the event is held. In our area, the nearest church was an Anglican Church in Wimbledon. In Chelsea, the service was held in a Catholic Church in the Fulham Road – nearly all denominations take part in this. Patricia attend this.

For next year, we will ask the PCC whether St. Mary’s should be formally involved in this event.
Denis and Patricia Doble.