Why not join a Lent Group in 2017?

Please join us – there are sign up sheets at the back of the church

Lent is fast approaching – ‘again’ I hear you say! This year Ash Wednesday falls on 1st March and as always, this festival marks the beginning of Lent.

2017 is a particularly appropriate year to consider a Lent Course, as in a few months’ time we will be celebrating the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther. Luther challenged the church and individuals to strip away the unnecessary extras and practices we add to our religion, often choking the fundamental basics that Christ taught us. As we prepare for Easter, reflecting on everything Jesus did for us on Good Friday, joining a Lent Group is a great opportunity to consider personally and as a group, whether we are living our lives in a way that pleases God.

This year we have identified 2 alternative courses for our groups to follow:-
2017 York Lent Course, ‘Receiving Christ’.
– ‘Staying Close: a Lent Course exploring intimacy with God’ by Russell Herbert.

There is also the option to join a group at Sacred Heart on Thursday evenings lead by Fr Gerry, which will be based around the film The Way, about a man walking the The Camino to Santiago de Compostela.


As usual there will be a number of groups running during Lent to cater for as many diaries as possible:-

Sunday 09.30 St Mary’s Crypt Staying Close Colin W or Debbie A
Tuesday 20.00 Members home (TBC) TBC Ellie Cooke
Wednesday 19.30 Vicarage TBC Simon Butler
Thursday 13.00 St Mary’s Upper Vestry York Leslie Spatt
Thursday Evening (TBC) Sacred Heart The Way Simon Butler or Fr Gerry.


We are also exploring the possibility of an additional day time course, with details to come.

Please join us – there are sign up sheets at the back of the church.
Colin Wimsett