Where Are We Heading To?

God wants us to be like lost sheep that he has found. God will accept you no matter what the situation.

Some months ago, different calamities in the world became exceptionally terrifying. Refugees were seen on the television travelling hundreds of miles for better living, looking for a safe haven. Lots of people had their psychological well-being grossly affected. Many lost their lives trying to escape the warring areas – that hell on earth for them. They had no alternative than to move away from their beloved homeland after much pain and grieving. I wasn’t with them physically, but my prayers went with them. There was little I could do.

Gone are the days when you wake up with great happiness in the world. You turn on the radio or television and have to listen to what happened in the night and probably a prediction of what you are going to encounter. You hear of devastating floods in Peru with 60 losing their homes.

You board a plane for a conference or a holiday and an eccentric person pulls the trigger of a gun. There’s chaos with everyone running for their lives, adrenaline flowing, thinking only of escape. The conference or holiday can wait!

When will all these end? When will we be free? Life is unpredictable. Gone are the days when we thought life was safe. Now you have to watch your back and think, who has a grudge, who feels wronged, who might be out to get you. Even on returning home, you see a stone next to your door and you wonder if it will lead to something evil. We stare at the world with uncertainty. People are here today then gone tomorrow with shocking stories.

Someone started spreading rumours that the world was coming to an end. When this reached me I said that only God can say when it’s over. A relation of mine said I should come home for The Rapture, when we are all taken into Heaven on the return of Jesus. “Very funny”, I told her. “My exit has to be made here, as London also has a way to Heaven!”  What happened? We’re still here – no rapture yet. People are being frightened by false prophets.

To live a secure life, you have to have Christ first. Life without him is Crisis. Turn around. God wants us to be like lost sheep that he has found. God will accept you no matter what the situation. God is waiting for each of us to follow more closely.

May God help us each to have a change of mind in Jesus’ name. Amen

Gladys Ikeme

(Child of God)