Thoughts from Gladys Ikeme

Gladys tells of a significant event in her life

Things are happening in this world: the evil that men do lives on after them.

Professional education leads to wisdom; high efficiency leads to Wisdom from God

My numerous years of experience in nursing moulded me for life’s battle, which I’m happy I went through and still experiencing. I’m happy to have reached my self actualization in my profession before I hung up the mantle.

To excel in whatever you do in life you must remember you’re here on a purpose. I loved my job as a nursing sister at Shell-BP Hospital, Port Harcourt. The pay was good, with lots of incentives. On day of commencement I was given a key to a car (Toyota Corolla Deluxe) as first incentive, although I wasn’t there for long. After 3 years with them I decided to do administration as a calling and proceeded to London to achieve this aim that was burning in me.

I was being prepared for future difficult calling in my noble profession. I completed the
course at Royal College of Nursing and went back for a higher job in my country, as initially a Nursing Officer. Before long I proved my high efficiency and leadership role as God destined. My achievement, exposure and dedication to duty placed me on an edge over others of my age. Now comes my story.

One notable night in Casualty Department, where I worked as a Nursing Officer in charge, a big bus drove in around 12 midnight with about 10 uniformed police men with guns. Immediately I went to welcome them and find out their mission. They said someone (a policeman) was ill in the bus. As a matter of fact the man’s pulse was absent on feeling his wrist. He was swiftly brought down onto a trolley by 2 porters as instructed with my help, straight on to the cubicle, where the Senior House Officer was waiting. He was examined thoroughly an declared dead on arrival. Necessary protocol (filling of documents and other things) were done.
His corpse was to be taken to the mortuary, but this was refused by their spokesman (most senior), he said police corpses are never deposited in the mortuary. The Dr. told me to use my discretion and act appropriately. Using my knowledge God equipped me with, he said “Call on me when you’re in need and I will answer for I’m always with you…”

The knowledge, wisdom God adorned me with made me act immediately. I accepted their decision on one demand; to write their names, ranks, force numbers and signatures before they can take his corpse away. It was a good compilation. I wrote all about it, the name of the Dr., who certified him dead and my humble self.
Having completed all the writings they were allowed to take him away. Before I attachedĀ  the document to his hospital notes I photocopied it as a proof of those, who came andĀ  went. The photocopy I took home and filled in my Hospital (Personal) work file.

Barely two months after this an investigation was mounted on disappearance of the deceased policeman’s corpse from the hospital mortuary, demanding millions of naira as compensation. The wife of the deceased reported that her husband, who went to outside station job was reported missing (he hasn’t been home).
The original document I filled in hospital report book was missing, so no evidence that he was not deposited in the hospital mortuary. The man was bitten to death by his fellow policemen and buried in a shallow grave, telling his wife he was missing.
I accepted knowing about the case, confirmed his corpse was taken away, and I was telling the truth and it’s only the truth that set us (hospital) free.
The evidence of my claim was missing, but to cut the story short, it was the photocopy in my file that exonerated me and hospital from negligence and claim. Within 24 hrs of my notification, the problem was solved.
The Chief Medical Director said I was God sent to rescue the reputation of our hospital. I prove my competence and my status was immediately reviewed with promotion to a Senior Nursing Officer grade from date of my employment.

Such is life, what will be will be; destiny cannot be altered. I’ve always trusted in God
and know he’ll never desert me.

Enjoy this song with me:

He that is down, need fear no fall,
He that is low, no bride,
He that is humble, ever shall have God to be his pride.
I am content with what I have,
Little be it or not; but God’s contentment yet I plead,
Because he giveth all.
Praise The Lord! Hallelujah

Gladys Ikeme (Child of God)