The Pan African Book Foundation

The Pan African Book Foundation seeks new trustees .

The Pan African Book Foundation seeks new trustees 

The Pan African book foundation is a charity that was founded by my father Shadrack Munisi.

The mission of the Pan African Book Foundation, is to enhance the quality and standard of education in African rural schools with the supply of books and to promote works of African origin.

The Pan African book foundation

The idea for such a body was first mooted in 1976. The Pan African Book Foundation started off as a committee for the organisation of an African studies library which aimed to: ‘collect under one roof all publications written by African people, which would include works written by people of African origin and also others.’

In 2012 my father as his health declined pass on the mission to me and I felt it important to add to our mission to celebrate the wonderful rich culture that is Africa. Times are continuously changing along with the needs of the children of Africa. The foundation is currently recruiting new trustees to be part of the board to help make sure the charity fulfills its commitment to the mission of helping supply books for schools in Africa, promoting works of African literature and celebrating African culture. We work towards achieving Shadrack Munisi’s original dream of housing publications of African literature under one roof.

If you are interested in applying to become a trustee please visit the big give’s trustee finder online:

Kind regards,

Asi Munisi
 Families & Children’s Minister
 Mobile. 07462655043