The Life and Vision of our Church

From time to time it’s good to take stock of what we are doing as a church and what we are managing to achieve

The Life and Vision of Our Church:

What have we achieved?


From time to time it’s good to take stock of what we are doing as a church and what we are managing to achieve. Although our faith is timeless and Jesus Christ is “the same, yesterday, today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8), the mission of the Church in every place will need to be different in order that we respond to the people, the needs and the challenges of the Good News of Jesus in a particular place.

At St Mary’s, like many other churches, we now have a Mission Action Plan, a five-year rolling vision and strategy that is our way of expressing how we are seeking to live out the Gospel and make the Good News of Jesus known in our community. Our Mission Action Plan is this:


The vision of St Mary’s Battersea is to be a community which is growing together with God:

a community of Christ’s disciples, faithful and enquiring;

a community of love, hospitable and nurturing;

and a community of difference, inclusive and transforming.


We express that in five key pieces of work:

  • Forming Christ’s Disciples
  • Tending God’s People
  • Pursuing the Common Good
  • Stewarding God’s Treasure
  • Nurturing Time and Talents


It won’t be long now before we have to have a good look at the period 2020-2025. But that Mission Action Plan also gets broken down into shorter timescales, so we can set about turning that ‘big picture’ into something more manageable. This is a key part of the work of the Parochial Church Council, to which we shall be electing new people at our Annual Meeting on Sunday 28th April.

We thought members of St Mary’s might like to see more of what we have planned and how much we have achieved: it is, in the main, an encouraging thing to do.

On the next link in the Monthly Newsletter, you will see our implementation plan for the past two years, the list of activities we’ve set out to do under each of the five bullet points. To each of these has been attached what is called a RAG Rating (Red, Amber, Green), with Red indicating little success and Green indicating completion of the task. This will give you a really good picture of what we have done, what we have managed only to achieve in part or remains incomplete, and areas where we’ve had little success or have had to change our plans.

In the main, this shows that St Mary’s has managed to achieve most of what it set out to do, particularly in areas of staffing and financial stewardship, but what it doesn’t show is the work that was done on FaithWorks 18, which included the very successful Summer in the Square and other events like Hymns & Pimms. The Church Council are broadly encouraged by all of this. Having key staff in place and having done such good work on financial management puts us in a good place to expand and grow our work in the coming years.

For your information, we have also included the current Implementation Plan for 2019-20, which will take us up to the review of the Mission Action Plan. This will give you a good idea of what is coming up at St Mary’s and the extent and scope of our vision for action and growth.

We hope you enjoy reading these documents. Even if they are a bit ‘dry’ we see much that excites us about the coming year or so. We hope they will excite you too.

Simon Butler

On behalf of the Church Council


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