The Great Bake Sale at the Fair

A report on the bake sale at the St Mary’s Fair.

A big thank you to so many people who supported the Cake Stall at the Fair last Saturday. Lots of people cooked cakes and biscuits in every shape and size. We had an extensive range of cakes , biscuits and even savoury dishes which were sold within a few minutes of being put on display. The other hot sale was spiced stewed apples made from home grown apples. Almost all the goods were sold by the end of the afternoon.

We raised just over £420

We also ran a “guess the weight of the cake” competition – this was won by a person who was within a quarter of an ounce of the exact weight – when I contacted her and told her she had won she told me she had not even picked it up!!

Thank you again for your support. Let us know what you would like to see the stall in future years.

Diana Goodwin and Clive Moir