The College of St. Barnabas

Peter Wintgens shares his retreat experience.

Recently I spent a few days on retreat at this place which is at Lingfield in Surrey.

It was a most relaxing time for me and enabled me to get quite a lot of reading done, as well as share in the communal life of the College including daily morning and evening services.
The College was founded in 1895 and is today the only independent provider of permanent
homes for retired Anglican clergy and other church workers. There are currently 50 male and female residents aged between 69 and 100, some of whom are extremely disabled. There are full nursing facilities available.
No one has ever been turned away on grounds of cost, so that without the College many
residents would face a lonely future in a hospital ward or some other institution which does not understand the faith to which they have devoted their lives. The Chapel is at the centre of College life, both physically and spiritually, and it is extremely moving to see people struggling to get there on time, indicating what an all-important role it plays in their lives.
I was immediately made to feel very welcome, especially at mealtimes in the refectory, but also in the library. I was party to some wonderful stories of what the residents have done in their ministries, many of which were spent in other parts of the world. Altogether it was an
enormously uplifting as well as humbling experience.
I am intending to support the College financially from now on. If you are interested in knowing more about it, please do have a word.