The coldest winter in 100 years

Glady shares her testament this month.

Winter 2010 – The coldest winter in 100 years
In life, we face a lot of situations, some good some bad. We have to be patient and think
positively. My mother used to say, “What is hot will be cold one day”. Spiritual messages
help children grow in the right direction. She stressed we must pray and read our Bibles
daily. In God’s Power there’s victory always.
In 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 we read, “Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in
all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”.
Some of you might have forgotten winter 2010, but I can never forget that winter. The
winter I had problems with my heater. It packed up due to old age. Six months before I
had asked for insurance cover from British Gas, but they declined saying it was more
than 15 years old.
I therefore had no other alternative than getting private individuals (2 man company)
who changed one connection, did a total line washout and got it working. They charged
£560. It worked for only two months. Little did I know it was a rip off.
I had two chest infections in a month due to a lack of heating. There was no way I could
get them back, even though I tried hard to do that. I prayed as I trusted that God would
After much investigation, I was introduced to a government sponsored company.
Unhappily, they introduced delay tactics. I was forced to get my MP involved and within
48 hours a new heater was installed in my flat. I have prayed for and remain thankful to
all those who came to my rescue at that time.
Life is what you make it for yourself, whatever the problem you don’t give up, for with a
problem there’s a solution somewhere. With a solution, there’s a testimony, telling
others what God has done for you.
“Call on me and I will answer” is written in Jeremiah 33:3. I did just that!
As long as we’re alive tribulations will come. I strongly believe that with God all things
are possible (Matthew 19:26). He calms us down and will definitely send help from
somewhere. God will never let us down whatever we are facing.
What’s happening in your life presently? God will never let you down.
Gladys Ikeme