Summer Sermons on Spirituality & Prayer

An invitation to suggest topics for sermons and hymns in the summer months.

We usually have a special series of sermons over the summer weeks when our choir are on holiday and the congregation goes into summer holiday mode!

This year we invite you to ask questions and suggest topics around issues of spirituality and prayer. You may have questions about how to pray, questions or problems you face when you pray, particular expressions of spirituality, or requests for new ideas of how to know God better.

If you have any of these questions you’d like us to address in our summer preaching, you can either email the vicar directly or place your question in the box at the back of church. It would help us to prepare if you were able to let us know who is asking the question (so we can ensure we’re answering the question you have asked!) but if you wish to remain anonymous that is perfectly fine.

Please let us know your suggestions by the end of June.

You can also make requests for hymns you’d like us to sing in those weeks too, especially if you think it’s been a long time since a particular hymn or favourite song has been sung.