Pews Consultation – outcome

The highlights of the consultation

Pews & Chairs Consultation


Many thanks to the many people (64!) who made a contribution to our recent consultation on options for either replacing the pews in the church with chairs or refurbishment of the pews.


The highlights of the consultation were as follows:


  • A very large majority of the congregation agreed with the PCC’s view that we should retain the pews rather than replace with chairs.
  • A similar majority felt that, rather than do any partial introduction of chairs in any part of the church, the existing pews should be repaired, refurbished and adjusted for comfort.
  • A majority (but not an overwhelming one) favoured some form of removal of pews at the back of the church to create more circulation space.
  • An overwhelming majority agreed that some consideration of introducing space for wheelchair users should be undertaken through some adjustment to the existing pews.


To conclude it is apparent that the congregation are on the whole in favour of retaining, refurbish and repairing the majority of the pews and a general aversion to introducing chairs. It is also noted that the congregation would be in favour of considering removing or adjusting some pews in order to create greater accessibility to wheelchair users. The PCC has agreed that wholesale or partial replacement of pews with chairs should not take place but that further work be done on other matter.


The PCC will now commission our Architect to come forward with various options for increasing circulation space at the back of the church and introducing some form of space for wheelchair users in the existing pews. Please note that any such proposals are subject to Faculty jurisdiction, giving a proper consultation period when the application is made, likely in mid-2018.


Canon Simon Butler

On behalf of St Mary’s PCC