Open Church

‘Open Church’ on Sunday afternoons has attracted over 800 visitors this summer!

‘Open Church’ on Sunday afternoons has attracted over 800 visitors this summer!

In the August edition of the newsletter I was pleased to report we had welcomed 286 visitors in the eight weeks since starting Open Church on Sunday afternoons, 1-5pm. Since then we have had a further 529 visitors including one afternoon where we had 92 in the 4 hours! This has been possible thanks to the time given by many of you in the congregation. 28 different people helped between 31st May and 27th September inclusive, giving a total of 72 opening hours and 144 volunteer hours.  A huge thank you to you all.

The Summer Recital series took place at 3pm on Sunday afternoons between July 26th – September 6th. Open Church volunteers, in addition to their welcome to visitors, also welcomed people to these concerts and provided tea and coffee afterwards. A further 246 visitors attended these recitals thus bringing the overall total to over 1000.

London Open House weekend took place during Saturday 19th September and Sunday 20th September. The Saturday was the day of St Mary’s fair. Sven Tester had his display of historical information and documents available for visitors to see and was kept very busy showing people around the church. A mixture of St Mary’s fair visitors and Open House visitors attended. On Sunday these were all for Open House and we had 92 people in 4 hours.

Open Church has proved immensely worthwhile in providing a place of quiet for visitors and / or the possibility of looking around our church.  Interests are quite varied and people come from near and far.  We are hoping to have Open Church next during the winter recital series in January and February.


Thank you again to all who helped


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