Meet Jenny Scott-Thompson

An occasional series, getting to know new and old parishioners.

Where were you born?
I was born in Southampton, then moved to Bournemouth as a toddler.
Where did you grow up?
We moved from Bournemouth to Guildford when I was 11, so both places had a big influence on me. When my parents moved to Colchester, that was my cue to move out, as it was too far from work. I moved to Battersea and have been here ever since. I recently moved house, only a few streets away, but St Mary’s is now much easier to get to than my old church, St Mark’s.
What influences in your childhood/youth/teenage years led you to your current position at St. Mary’s?
I grew up in a vicarage, so faith was always part of my life, including volunteering for things at church. I’m glad to continue this at St Mary’s by helping out with readings and occasional events, and being part of the Sunday Morning Group.
How would you describe yourself from a spiritual perspective?
I’m a Christian – I learnt a lot from my parents, but also went through several phases of questioning things and exploring more as a child and teenager, to reach a point of being confident that my faith is my own decision based on evidence and personal experience. I’ve been to churches with a variety of different traditions and seen that God can be found in the most unlikely places if you keep an open mind and keep focused on Him. Following Jesus has been hard but definitely worth it.
Do you have any hobbies or interests?
I’m a computer geek and sci-fi fan, and enjoy reading fantasy novels, and folk dancing when my knees permit.
Are there any aspects of your life you would like to share with the congregation? I’m new to the church and would love to meet more people – do say hi and let’s meet for coffee.